Training young jumpers (ENG)

Coach John Shepherd (GBR) will take a look at the coaching and development of young long and triple jumpers. The session will focus on: How to develop technique - long jump focus and sprints; How to construct training sessions; What training planning method work best; How to develop strength and power; How to progress and develop talent; The session will also cover factors which can negatively influence development

Coach John Shepherd is a former Great Britain long jumper who now coaches this event, the triple jump and sprints. Coach Shepherd has coached for the England team and is part of the national jumps programme in the UK, where he mentors coaches and athletes. He has also worked for other track & field governing bodies such as Ireland, as an advisor and coach mentor. Coach Shepherd has coached numerous internationals and national champions across various age groups from u15 to senior. Highlights include a European junior long jump champion, UK age group record holders and a senior European indoor championship representative. Coach Shepherd has also written six books on sports and fitness training and has edited two national fitness magazines and was recently performance editor for Athletics Weekly. He also has a successful social media presence - notably with a YouTube channel which focuses on the jong and triple jump which has over 22.5k subscribers.