Sprint Symposium with Michael Afilaka (English)


Content: For two days we dive deeper into the short and long sprint with Michael Afilaka. He is a Sport Scientist & Elite Performance Sprint Coach based in Londen, UK. He has coached a number of UK National Champs/Medalist and a number of athletes to numerous European, world and Olympics games who were medaist and finalist in the sprints and hurdles.

Michael is known for his scientific and technical  approach and his unique record of progressing a number of juniors to world class athletes. Additionally, His extensive experience also extends to his performance management work with football players at the very highest level of football in the UK. 

Past and present athletes Include:

  • Jeanette Kwayke: Olympics 100m Top5, World Indoor 60m silver medallist 
  • Adam Gemili: World Junior 100m Gold, U23 100m Gold & World Champs 200m Top5
  • Ashleigh Nelson: Multiple World Champs Relay medallist, European 100M bronze medallist 
  • Tommy Randham: UK National Medalist and 2022 European relay Gold medalist 
  • Sarah Claxton: Multiple National Medalist and a sub 13s 100m Hurdler


25 MARCH 2023
10AM - 11.30AM  Periodisation of a year: SPRINTS & HURDLES;  Planning, Rules and boundaries of components (including strength training, resistance work, transfer, ...)
11.30AM - 11.45AM Pause
11.45AM - 12.30AM Periodisation Continued: Breakdown of periods inc…..Supramax sprint – why, how long, how often, in which period etc. 
12.30AM - 1.15PM Lunch Break
1.15PM - 3.15PM Start analysis - practical session with athletes
3.15PM - 3.30PM Pause
3.30PM - 5PM Injuries and prevention in sprinting + round the table (questions & answers about day 1) 
26 MARCH 2023
10AM - 11.30AM  Difference between 100m and 200 training & Importance en proportion of jumps within a training plan (periodization) and which jumps do you use
11.30AM - 11.45AM Pause
11.45AM - 1.30PM Progressions from youth until world class athlete 
1.30AM - 2.15PM Lunch Break
2.15PM - 3.45PM Sprint technique (frontside vs. backside) – practical session with athletes 
3.45PM - 4PM Pause
4PM - 5PM Mental and physical preparation leading up to a championship at all levels + round the table (questions & answers about day 2)

Location: Sportcomplex Volharding Beveren, Klapperstraat 103

Participation Fee:

  • €60 for 1 day
  • €100 for 2 days